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Setup Your Business website with NCrypted’s Alibaba Clone



Alibaba Clone

Alibaba Clone introduced by NCrypted Websites is the efficient and trusted platform to create B2B and B2C trading website to connect small and medium sized buyers and sellers around the world. The script is developed with focus necessary functionality of buyers, sellers and traders. You can either purchase ready made script or It is also capable to customize according to your business requirement with powerful administrative interfaces.

The NCrypted's Alibaba Clone can help you in multiple views of your business such as increase website traffic, business collaboration, brand value, sales, Earnings from Advertising and much more.

Here we will discuss key features of NCrypted’s Alibaba Clone:

SEO Friendly

This script has been developed keeping it SEO prospects. NCrypted has focused on specific technical aspects of building this portal script so that it remains structured for both search engines and human visitors alike.

In this context, we kept all modules such as categories, sub-categories pages, member’s landing page, lead details page, inner pages and many more are designed get better Search engine attention.

Extensive Search

NCrypted know you are planning to play with huge listing, large data-sets, tons of leads and number of companies which is going to be phenomenon. 

So, we have made your plan achievable by allowing very powerful search and sorting algorithm. You can enjoy the power of intelligent search to front-end, admin and members area what allows you to find the most accurate and particular leads within the very short span of time.

Company Listing

One of the most significant aspects of NCrypted’s Alibaba Clone is each members will have a landing store page designed with respective logo, company name and membership information. It’s more like a storefront page where a company or members can publish their profile, products, offers, contact info, receive inquiry and many more.

We are constantly upgrading the storefront page to look more features rich so that, it would looks like a full featured landing websites under your domain. This creates values to your customer and allows you to get better SEO attention seems like you host many landing sites under your own B2B marketplace.




Merchant Accounts

Alibaba Clone increases your ability to create unlimited membership packages keeping control of managing e-commerce functionality of upcoming merchants. Therefore you can create numerous membership plans / packages with various options (ON / OFF) under different customized captions. It makes real sense of packaging to your visitors and ensures better return on investment (ROI). 



Review & Rating

The Application has in built voting extension that lets user’s vote/un-vote on items on your product and service. It is surprisingly easy to administrate as well as user friendly to visitor. Unlike other voting components, what makes it stand out is that it lets users un-vote (or cancel vote) - just like YouTube or Reddit or StackOverflow among many other web-applications. It is also a great way for your visitors to talk about their own personal experiences with companies, hotel, property agent or even the local handyman.


So, Why Late? Just rich to us and order Feature rich Alibab Clone to start your own trading website.